Blue Painter's Tape Settings

My hubs, The Jerome, is a musician who goes to a lot of random music jams, and he didn’t want to lose his littlest noise toys (shakers, clave sticks, drumsticks, cabasa), so I Forged them where I could and made cheap stencils out of blue painter’s tape to put his name on the rest. I hadn’t seen anyone list settings for blue painter’s tape, so here they are:

Speed: 1000
Power: 2
Actual material thickness: .005, translates to .01 in the UI
Passes: 7

These settings still left some little strands of material on the long edges of straight lines, and I had to weed the stencils on the honeycomb, but it didn’t burn off the fine details of the Allerta Stencil Google font I used.


Now that’s handy—thanks!


Great idea Morgan! Love the color.


If I had enough time i’d do this for my tools, they’re always walking off …it is a great idea. :grinning: