Blue spark on side of machine

A blue spark just went off inside to the right on my gf. I attached a video, the spark happens at around 10seconds.
Shut it off right away since sparks are scary in a laser.
Anyone know why this is happening??

That should not be happening! I would inspect the connections to the power supply there and see if you find any connection loose. With an arc like that there will usually be a burn mark at the location.
You want to unplug the machine before getting in there with your fingers.


Thank you! I will take a peak and see if I can find anything

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Do you have any other appliances running nearby?
I was getting weird sparks inside my GF while running an air purifier on the same metal shelf unit. It was generating static and stopped when I moved the filter to a wooden desk a few feet away.


Wow. Interesting.


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