Blue tool

So I was cleaning my machine and went to put the blue tool with the metal Magnetize ring I suppose that’s what it is that thing fell off in with the lens so it’s not on the blue tool anymore I’ve tried to contact support I don’t know what to do it won’t come out


Take the top off the head (3 magnets hold it on). Remove the angled mirror (remember how it’s in because it has to go back that way - with the blue handle parallel to the front of the head).

Put a microfiber cloth or other soft material on the bed under the head. Double or triple it up so that it will provide a soft landing place for the lens (or hold one hand under it while performing the next step.

Take a q-tip and gently press it on the lens from above. It will slide down until the lens reaches the bottom of the head and falls on your padding or your hand.

You should see the magnetic ring attached to the bottom of the lens. You can pull it off the lens and glue it back onto the lens removal tool using CA glue or E6000.


Thank you!!! :laughing::blush:

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