Blurred screen and not recognizing proofgrade materials

I have just set up my Glowforge Plus and upon trying to print my gift of good measure, the screen image was very blurry and the draft board material wasn’t recognized. After reading some posts, I cleaned all the lenses and the mirror, adjusted my room lighting, moved the material around in the bed, tried another piece of draftboard and still a blurry screen and no recognition. What on earth am I doing wrong??

You will see some blurriness due to the fisheye lens as you get further from the center. But it would help if you posted a screenshot to show what you are seeing in the GFUI.

Congratulations on getting your GF, you’re going to love it!

Let’s start with you’re probably not doing anything wrong. The GF (for me anyway) has historically had a hard time reading the labels on materials, but every machine is different.

Since you’re just setting up your machine, make sure it is on a flat and level surface, and that the lid closes properly. Having the machine not properly supported can throw off the lid alignment, which would affect the camera.

In the upper left of the app (GFUI) you’ll see a “Add Material” button. Select that, then locate your material and apply it. You should now see the left menu update to show the GF interpreting your file for cuts, scores, and engraves. Make sure the scores really are set to score, the GF will generally default to making those vectors cuts. Now you can select the print button and watch the magic happen.

ff everything works fine by selecting the material manually then yay! If you search for “camera calibration” and follow the instructions there it may improve the ability to recognize materials in the future.

Good luck and have fun!


I took a screenshot to send to tech support, but my camera keeps wanting to auto focus the blurriness, so i really couldn’t get an accurate picture.

I did pick my material for the first print then did all of the lens/mirror cleaning for the second one I wanted to run. I read some comments from earlier and moved the material around and changed the lighting in the room…nope, didn’t work. Screen for second print just as blurry. I will try a recalibration next.

After a couple of years of using my GF I’m still surprised when it actually reads the material for me. :slight_smile:

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did you try rotating it so the qr code is in the upper left? I’ve heard people say that works sometimes.

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Just tried it…nope doesn’t work either.

In case you don’t know, posting here in Problems and Support opens a support ticket, so you should post the photo here rather than emailing and opening a second ticket. That just gums up the works for them. :slight_smile:

You can do a screen capture on any computer which will accurately show the blur. Not sure how to do it on the various phones.

Here are instructions for taking a screenshot with your computer:

here are instructions for taking a screenshot with various iPhones:

here are instructions for Galaxy and other android phones:


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.