Blurry Camera and off Center

I just unboxed my GF and the camera seems to be off center and very blurry. I have read different forums and tried just about everything that I have read. Tried different proof grade materials but nothing seems to work. Please help


Check and see if the camera is loose, they are supposed to be glued and immobile. (it might rotate)

Do you have the crumbtray inserted?

The crumb tray is inserted and in its correct position. The camera is not loose and feels to be stable. I have also cleaned the camera.

And the lid is closing completely? There’s something funny about the image you posted. I’m seeing a lot more of the front/side of the interior than I’m used to seeing in my GF. If the lid wasn’t completely closed, that might explain it.

Note, you don’t really need the camera. Just tell the GFUI what material you’re using if it can’t read the label. The camera is only good for “loose” alignment, anyway.

See what happens if you go to the Unknown menu item and choose whatever proofgrade material you have in there. Or choose the uncertified material option and enter the exact material thickness in there. Maybe that would kickstart the camera to the right setting.

Also, make sure your Glowforge is level. An unlevel Glowforge can result in the lid not closing completely, which would affect the camera view.

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The lid is completely closed, I thought the same thing when I noticed the angle is way off. I have tried messing with the thickness and depth settings but nothing has changed. I have probably pressed the focus button 100 times trying different things. Faulty camera maybe??

Just sit tight until support sees your photo. I suspect that one might be headed back. (They can make small calibration tweaks from there though, so they might be able to adjust it.)

Don’t think anything you can do will affect it.

Not sure if this will make you feel any better, but the black arc at the bottom is part of what is seen in the raw fish-eye image taken by the camera, which is ultimately removed by the software while processing.

Your image is “corrected” but not as it should be, so there is a possibility it is something that could be remedied thru software remotely.

I hope it will be something easy and I don’t have to send it back. It is very hard to make anything, just guessing where the wood is sitting. I have emailed them and will let you guys know what the outcome will be. Thank yall for the help and insight.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.