Board Members - Christmas Ornaments

I’ve had a couple of hours with my Glowforge, but today is my first full day with it. The puppers and I set out (okay, the pup didn’t care) to make some ornaments to recognize the board members of the Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club. Each year about this time, we do a white elephant exchange… Well, I wanted to give something to everyone!

Each of the board members will now receive one of these Christmas ornaments:

Some things I learned:. (1) Know how many board members you have, and how long each ornament takes to print before committing to something like this… 16 is the number. 20 min each was the time! Do the math, it comes out to all day!

(2) Test, test, test your settings before committing to a full print:

(3) Don’t forget to Invert before printing on Acrylic, it looks way nicer looking through.

(4) I really like blue cheese stuffed olives in my martinis… Did I mention this took all day?

Material: Johnson Plastics 1/4" cast clear acrylic.
Settings: Engrave: 500 zooms, 50 pews, default resolution. Cut: 140 zooms, full power(!), 2 passes - this is very important. 150 @ 2 passes didn’t cut through, but 150 @ 3 passes chipped the backside:

Happy Merry everyone!


I’m sure they’re going to love them! (And you’re so right about testing…I do a boatload of it!) :grinning:


Interesting. I cut and engraved 1/4" Chemcast cast acrylic with the Proofgrade “thick acrylic” values and it worked perfectly. However, I have a Pro.

What a great gift your dogs are quite talented!

Ha! The dog isn’t even a talented kayaker! She’s fallen in twice this year just getting too close to the edge. Good thing she’s adorable!

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