bOb - Part One

Well, bOb arrived and there was much rejoicing.
Knew it would be bOb (Marley) for awhile now.
Either ONE LOVE or ALWAYS BE JAMMIN. No matter how my day goes, bOb will be appropriate.

Container a tad beat up but nothing damaged.
Crumb Tray box had a serious slash in it, like it was dropped on a wooden crate corner maybe. Thankfully it was on the back side and I felt rather pleased to see tray had no damage.

So here are my first mistakes (aka projects). More or less like I expected.
Really like proofgrade, but I decided to branch out. Next few will be non-proofgrade.
Panic gave me trouble, but I know where it went wrong. So expect a Panic v2.

Off to sleep (really don’t want to, but…), new day tomorrow.


Yay for bOb! So glad you are off and running!



Great! Enjoy your adventure :sunglasses:

Oh cool! I love the Don’t Panic escutcheon, I need to make one of those to switch out! :rofl:

My g’forge is Bob too! Great minds…

Well, bOb has been busy with some serious stuff and lessons learned, so I decided to take a break and have some fun.

To that end, (as promised), I present Panic version 2.

That green acrylic looks great.
Looks better with the overhead light on, but I could not get a good picture with all that glare from the machine top.


Not sure which one I like better…but the colors are pretty cool! :grinning: