Bobbin Flatwork Material

Hi all, my friend has been making his own guitars in his woodworking shop and is having to hand cut the bobbin flatwork that is the pickup. He asked me to cut it on the GF but I have no clue about this material. Has anyone cut this material before? It is vulcanized fiber board and is .093" thickness for the bottom of the pickup and .062" for the top. (Will have to print 2 bottom and top) The retailer says the material is excellent for laser cutting. Help?!

Pretty sure you’re the first for that one! Luckily there is a tried and true method for determining settings on a new material, and you’ll only need to waste a tiny amount to get them :slight_smile:


thank you!

@shop has done some very cool guitar-related projects too, definitely worth checking his stuff out.


haven’t worked with that yet. i’d follow @deirdrebeth’s link for testing. post back what your results look like. i’m curious.


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