Boeing 747 3D Engrave

2nd test and really happy how it came out. First one came out decent but I needed to touch it up more to get it right and then put masking tape to protect it from the burns.

Done on 1/8" Baltic Birch

Fun fact: This is the last Qantas 747 being flown for retirement. Picture taken by a buddy of mine.

Instagram: @dsyn_studios


This is great, I have a buddy that is a pilot. He seems to have everything. I bet he does not have something like this. Could be a great Christmas gift. Thanks for the idea.


This was a small test and I plan on doing a larger version with all the details about the last flight.


Photo engraves are much better when using “convert to dots”. You could use a mix of vary power for the outline/background, and dots for the detail on the aircraft to preserve the detail and shading.


This i haven’t figured out yet. Do I need to set it up in the software or will the GUI help with that?

This is subjective, I do almost all my engraves in vary power or 3D mode. It really comes down to personal opinion.

The easiest way to test this sort of thing is to crop a small chunk of the photo and do a series of tests, that way you don’t spend all that time engraving the whole thing for each test.


AWESOME! Gives me chills in a good way; I’m a retired pilot myself.


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Incredible. How long did it take to engrave?


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I saw the title on this thread and started wondering how you fit an actual 747 into the Pro pass through slot…


If you test and find you prefer the results of a dots vs. vary power engrave, you would need to split the design into the appropriate sections for each type of engrave, overlaid in your source file, and run the two engraves sequentially.