BOLTR: Juicero edition


I can just tell this is going to be good: (video contains NSFW language. I mean, I haven’t watched it all yet, but I’m sure it’s in there.)


It is still in my queue but yeah NSFW is a given. I love his stuff.


I’d never seen any of these before. I’m going to have to go back and watch old ones; this guy is hilarious.


I watch AVE a lot, he is funny and you can actually learn something.


That’s my favorite part - he’s clearly very intelligent and educated as to manufacturing, mechanics and electronics. I believe he let slip in one video that he has a PhD. So much knowledge that he lets slip in between the crude remarks (of which he also has a thorough repertoire :slight_smile: )


Oh this is pure GOLD. I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing.

His voice and demeanor sound like Frank Zappa! hahahaha


:scream: thankfully no kids around while watching…lol


Oh. This is good. His BS meter was in overdrive for this one.


AvE is awesome. If I win the lottery one day I want to buy him a GF to tear down .


As an Australian i highly approve of his language, attitude and complete disbelief that anyone bought into this steaming “marketing circle jerk”


He’s released a follow-up video: