Bolts/screws for floating/raised surfaces?


I’m interested in making things with this kind of floating/raised element, but haven’t found obvious hardware options. I know I could spend some quality time on the McMaster-Carr site and piece some options together, but if anyone has some pointers on the names for these types of pieces, I’d love it.



I think they are called standoffs. If you search in your local hardware store they should have some, although they might not be pretty.


YES! Thank you, thank you! Luckily I have the internet and don’t need the local hardware store. :grinning:


Yeah stand offs. Some even have have LED capability.
Saw these discussed on one of the threads and was glad to find a local supplier.
Not for all your projects, but seems like a must have for that one you want to be awesome.


There’s a bunch of ideas here. I’ve had good luck with them.
Sign Bracket Store


I :heart: standoffs! Make sure and show us your finished project.


Hah! You’re going to have to wait at least 6 months until I get my unit… just planning, planning, planning for now. :smile:


Well then I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get it early so you can get sharing :slight_smile:


Search for “sign standoffs”