Bonk, Bonk, Bonk!

Those are the sounds as the laser print head moves from left to right on it’s belt. The unit has only been used a handfull of times, and it’s as if the guidewheel attached to the belt that controls the print head’s left-right motion is running over a speed bump 4-5 times per movement.


you need to check the carriage wheels. it might have broken.


I agree with @ca_worth that you probably have a cracked wheel on the gantry plate the laser head rides on. you can remove the plate by following the removal and install steps here but ignore the parts about cleaning the fan. also inspect the pulleys that drive the belt on the under side of the gantry.

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Thank you to the both of you. Is this common? I have literally only made 11 things with proofgrade material!

Is there a preferred method to get a replacement?

There apparently was a problem with the wheels from a vendor. by posting in here you have actually started the process!

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Hello @mrodriquenz, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your Glowforge.

I agree with @ca_worth and @primal_healer, the first thing to check is the carriage plate wheels and pulleys for any damage.

Could you please do the following?

  1. Turn off your Glowforge
  2. Remove the carriage plate from the laser arm
  3. Closely inspect the carriage plate wheels from the top for any cracks or other damage
  4. Closely inspect the sides of the wheels for any cracks or other damage
  5. If you notice anything damaged or out of place, please take a photo and attach it to your reply and we’ll follow up with next steps.

Thank you!

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Yep…sure as luck would have it, one of the wheels are cracked.

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Good news! An easy fix that won’t require sending the machine in for a repair.

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well figuring that out was the first step. at least you don’t have to ship it back.

Hello @mrodriquenz - sorry to hear that you’ve found a cracked wheel, but as others have said thankfully this is a relatively easy fix! I’m going to shoot you a follow up email to collect some information so that we can get a replacement order started for you.

I’ll go ahead and close this topic and we can finish up via that email.

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