Books are rolling!

Just a quick heads up - for those of you that requested physical books for your holiday gift, there have been some snowstorm holdups, but the first copies are out for delivery and they should all be rolling out over the next two weeks, weather permitting. They’ll be shipped by Amazon so you know what to look for.

If you didn’t get a chance to request a holiday gift, don’t fret! Just send an email to and we can get you the ebook version.

Hope you enjoy!


WOOO, Just got mine!

well that was fast!

Sweet! Thanks again @dan

Aye, its found a place on my desk. Thanks @dan !

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Thank you, good sir!

Thanks Dan!

Mine came at the perfect time- when I was at home sick! Can’t wait to finish reading it :grin:

looking forward to it!

Look at what came in over the weekend? Thank You!

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any chance i can get one ?

Send an email to and they can take care of you!

received yesterday. thank you!

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Don’t mean to be a whiner, but I haven’t recieved my book yet. I know I responded to the email. Am I just being impatient?

Just curious, when we filled out the application for the physical books. Were we meant to get a confirmation email that informed us that they are on their way to our doors? I’m having trouble finding any emails as such, as I have not received anything yet. Then again… it may be because I live down under :frowning: @dan

I’m decently far into it. You could borrow mine until yours comes once im done (should just be a couple days.

:slight_smile: Thanks Sawa! Most of them have shipped but last I heard @Tom_M’s team was tracking down a stray semi or two. You can shoot a note to support@ next week if you’re still stuck, and my apologies!

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That’s kind of you @Sawa but I’m sure of ill be taken care of.
Thanks @dan for your response. If there are still some that haven’t been delivered that’s enough info for me. I’ll just be patient.

Didn’t receive mine yet - will wait till next week to contact support.