Hey, can anyone tell me how to get the following joined up? I have another square that I did with the other puzzle connector, and when I did union with it, it did what I expected. Here though, when I’m trying to union the receiving connector with the frame, it is not working. I’m sure I am missing something simple, what is it? I have tried with all the booleans and also messed with z-axis for the pieces. What I’m wanting is the outer frame with just the inset for the connector left. I can do with it node editing, but I’m sure there must be a way to do it with the booleans and I’m kind of at a dead end.



That’s an interesting challenge for Inkscape. It has defeated me. I’d node edit.

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What i did here is break your corner peices so the egg shape was on its own then added a stroke in the open end. after you do that you just line it up where you want it select everything and go
Path>Exclusion and it will be what you are looking for
exclusion version
If you run into issues they might not be seen as on the stroke of the box and usually if you hold ctrl and move it back and then forward to let it snap back to where it was it will work out for you. here is the result below you should get.
exclusion version
I use that exclusion thing all the time when im designing to cookie cutter shapes out where i need them to be.

Hope that gets you to where you need to go.


Something I use a lot is Combine as it works like exclusion as it only works when the part to be cut out is above the part to remain and combine does not care. frequently also when running trace, I trace the inverse throw a rectangle around that and combine. fast… no fuss…no muss :smile:


love me some combine action as well :slight_smile: i build most of my structural stuff that way combining different shapes to get to where i want to be


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens! On the subject of combine, does that get rid of overlapping paths? Like if you had duplicate lines or something like that?

Thanks so much for the help, I got it fixed! Except, I ended up not needing to add the stroke to the open end. I deleted the straight segments, and then did Path->Difference and it worked. One of these days I will get these things straight, seems like when I think I understand them I run into something else that doesn’t work like I think. Thanks again!


I loaded this but couldn’t understand what you were trying to do with the smaller rectangles with the cutouts.

Glad you figured it out, but in future, if you were trying to do what p_h did above, just draw the ellipse and use ‘difference’ (subtract).

'Twas leftover from my test cut to make sure the pieces would fit together. Thanks!


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