Boot cuffs

I have mentioned before that glowforge was what I turned to when I need a break from sewing masks. Glowforge actually came on my radar because I was seeing all the ear savers being printed and I would see a batch and it would just inspire me to keep sewing more masks. By the end of it, I hated something I once loved. It has been over a year break now and I have been revving up to get back to my sewing life. My glowforge will be along for the ride though. This means I will start to be less active and more often my posts will be projects that cross sewing with glowforging. For example:

What? expecting something tulle and Disney based? :slight_smile: Well although in the summer I make more fancy dresses, I actually don’t wear those. My personal style has always been more southwest based. These new boot cuffs will go great with this other make of mine:

If you want to make the leather part of the boot cuff your self then see the bottom of this post for that SVG. I will keep working on boot stuff and try and design some worth while ones that do not require sewing skills.

Also, I tend to work in lyrics on my designs. For these boot cuffs I was inspired by Long Live from Devan DuBois and that brought in the canyons.

I will try and follow up with more details on how to stitch this together and alternative if you don’t have an industrial sewing machine. But for this:

You don’t need to sew. You just lace them up with 2 mm cord.

Here is the SVG:

boot laceup final

If you have any questions then feel free to DM me and ask. I will post designs as I make them and am excited to get back to sewing. I don’t know why I create, but I don’t want to be the only one who can.


That’s an awesome dress, very cool.


This is a great idea for boots!!! I love this technique. Extremely creative and artsy!!!

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Thanks for the share, you’re really talented! The dress and boot cuffs are awesome, song lyrics are such a great idea. :musical_note:


Wow! Very nice dress! Boot cuffs? Who knew? Not me! Great share of a simple sew up piece!


Very cool! Thanks for the share!


That is really a clever idea to dress up boots! I always love your designs.


I love that dress!


I drained out a lot of my fabric with masks last year and this is just a fraction of what I replenished with :slight_smile:


All of the items are wonderful but I’m especially in love with the belt.