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I’m sorry if this has been asked, but I don’t understand why there is a boarder all the time when placing a project. I will included picture, but this is wasting so much wood. I would like to know if we can delete it because it says there is nothing there if you put it in that area.


You will see 2 different size of borders. One for engraving and one for cutting. The actual size of the cutting area is not 12x20. I usually try to find the best placement of the board at the bottom to save on supplies.

Here’s info from staff:
Your Glowforge bed can accommodate materials measuring 18 x 20.4”. Your Glowforge has a maximum printable area of approximately 11″ (279 mm) deep and 19.5″ (495 mm) wide, and it’s reduced somewhat when the laser operates at high speed, as it can take space for the laser to decelerate.

This means not all of the bed is displayed, or available to be printed on, so there will always be about an inch of space on the left. This material can be reused as scrap later for small pieces. For example, a lot of customers use small pieces of scrap to print these pins available in the free laser design section: Honeycomb bed holdown pins

I hope this information helps!


The best way to minimize scrap wood is to align your material all the way to the front right corner. Your GF can cut pretty much all the way up to the edge of the honeycomb, so put it all the way there. Keep in mind that if you are engraving instead of cutting, that the “border” you are talking about will get bigger, due to the above mentioned deceleration.


If you want to maximize use of the material, place your designs down in the lower right hand corner. Treat that as your origin, and when the board gets cut up too much, you can flip it over and use the other side for small cuts. (And no magnets near the design.)

(If you have the Pro model, you can turn the sheet and feed it in through the front to completely eliminate waste.)


Yes, what they said - put your design in like this:



Thanks you all for your info :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer @rvogt, that’s right. The information that the others shared to place your design in the lower right corner is also great! I’m going to close this thread - if you have another question, go ahead and post a new topic.