Borrow Glowforge Time Around Seattle?

Hello Friends! Would anyone be willing to let me borrow their GF to complete an order for a client?

My GF laser tube is fried and I have to switch out the entire machine. Oy vey! And just like life, it happens at the worst possible time. I was in the middle of cutting when the machine quit.

So now I must say farewell to Patrick (that’s my machine’s name because he gets dirty, it’s my baby in the corner, and I love when the laser dances - lol)!

I promise I will come with pizza, ice cream and any movies you want to watch while we bond and the machine cuts!

Any help is greatly appreciated and I will be forever grateful and happy to return any favors!




Glowforge Inc is IN SEATTLE!!!


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As the self-proclaimed expert, tell us again the story about how you walked into Apple’s HQ in Cupertino with a broken MacBook and they handed over a replacement?


@Deleted Haha, you are 100% correct! I’ve already tried that avenue especially since I know some of the amazing employees on their crew.

Unfortunately not an option for corporate reasons. And since they don’t ship from the main office, I can’t just trade the machine in person. Waiting for the magical unicorn delivery crew to bring me my replacement in a week.

Just gotta figure out how to handle the 125 wood kits I have to deliver this week in the meantime.

@eflyguy Oh how I wish it could be that easy!

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It might be easier to try a Joann’s or to work out a deal with someone here to do the cuts for you, then ship the pieces to you or your client. Unless your project is really complex or uses unusual materials, you can leverage the fact that everything is digital to get it done pretty much anywhere…?

The extra plus is that you’re no longer tied to finding someone in a small local area who can do it, you’ve got a full forum of laser peeps who might be able to help.


@evansd2 That is such a great idea, I greatly appreciate your suggestion. If it were a different project, I would certainly consider it.

The only hiccup is that it’s a fairly huge project. The wood craft shadow box design size is 9.5" x 9.5" and includes five layers.

I sourced from my local plywood shop 25 sheets of 5ftx5ft Baltic Birch cut down to 12"x20" size (375 pieces) for this project. So unfortunately it would be a a lot of material and a huge shipment of cut pieces.

Thanks for the Joann’s tip - I’ll look at that option too in case I get stuck. You’re the best!

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how about contacting someone in the area selling one, see if you can “rent” one till your baby is back?

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