Botanical Box

First attempt at engraving a purchased vector pattern from Shutterstock.

Box pattern from - AngledBox modded to 1 wall per side

Went with draftboard - love the look of the outside but the look of raw draftboard on the inside is not great so some additional finishing steps are needed.
Next I will be attempting to measure and cut felt inserts and add rubber feet to make this ready for use.
Couple of notes,

  • removing the masking was almost too much effort but after switching from fingernails to a razor scraper tool things went a bit quicker
  • I didn’t really know how to dial in the engrave depth so on a second try I would make a shallower cut
  • SD Graphic setting seems to be a good enough resolution for something that would sit on a shelf


Welcome. Nice project.


Try Gorilla tape or T-Rex tape for weeding. You may still need to scrape it but not as much. This is a nice box.


Very nice! And if you’d like a spot of color, Draftboard takes colored pencil very well—it has just the right amount of ‘tooth.’

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Welcome to the forum! Beautiful box—I’ve been eyeing that pattern (or similar, anyway) for a while now. I like what you did with it. :blush:

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Neat! It’s hypnotic. I could get lost staring at it.

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Fabulous, that design really kicks out over the top. Nice post! Welcome to the forum!