Both glowforge are not working properly, one is elongating prints, the other is double-printing

One glowforge is printing a slight double image so that the prints are blurred and messed up. I have cleaned the lens and mirrors but nothing seems to help. And the other glowforge is now enlarging the size of my patterns slightly so that they no longer fit on the material which they are designed for or with one another (a complicated game including box and inserts). I have not changed the patterns at all, and this happens whether I use the same ones that have been uploaded on the app and have been successfully used for months or if I re-upload the files. The problem seems universal and seems very much a glowforge problem and not a file problem. I have not changed focal length or anything else. I am growing very frustrated now that both glowforges are down.

And the change is in one direction only, where the length (side-to-side) of the patterns are being extended about a 1/4" over 11"x11" print/cut while the depth is remaining the same. So everything is becoming elongated slightly (enough to cause serious problems in pattern pieces not fitting together). And circle cut-outs have turned into slightly elongated ovals.

If I understand, that would suggest a focus issue. My first thought is to check if there are any debris in the dimples the crumb tray sits in, causing a defocused beam.

A helpful test on both machines would be to print the ‘Gift of good measure’ to see if the same issues result. If so, a photograph of the results along with the date, time, and time zone would help support zero in on the machine logs for troubleshooting.

It does sound like you’ve got some issues going on, but you might want to provide a little more information for them to look at.

For the machine that is printing a double image…you might want to provide a screen shot of the results after the print, so they can see what you are talking about. Tell them the specific name of that machine, and the date, time and time zone of the failed print so they can track down the information on the print in the logs for it. Are you printing on something light weight that can shift in the air assist stream?

For the other machine that is “enlarging” your prints, they will need different information. (Again, you’re going to have to be specific about which machine it is since you’ve got two, so always tell them the name of the machine that’s having the issue.)

Resizing issues generally start with the Design software you are using…the Glowforge just accepts what you send it and processes it. Did you recently update the software that you are using with a new version? Frequently they will change the output or input DPI on those without letting anyone know, and that resizes the results on older established files. (You want to export any raster work at 96 DPI, since that’s what the Glowforge is expecting.)

IF you are getting elongation along one axis and not the other one though…that sounds like a mechanical problem. For that they will need to have you run a couple of tests, probably print the “Gift of Good Measure” as @PrintToLaser suggested, on Proofgrade material, and post the results with a screenshot of the rulers included.

The support team will need to open a separate ticket for each issue, and it would probably help to keep things straight if you kept it to one ticket per machine, so maybe keep this one open for the double print issue, and start another one for the elongation problem on the other machine. :slightly_smiling_face:



The top cut-out is from the Glowforge Basic (my first machine) and you can see the double print. I lined it up on one side with a print I did using the Glowforge Plus and you can see the Plus’ image is larger underneath. It did not cut out either. I have been having problems lately with incomplete cut-outs even when using proofgrade material (and lens and mirrors are clean). The Glowforge Plus engraving is fine as far as sharpness goes. It is just not the same size as the other glowforge.

53323517_2165502526829801_1603984085338816512_n !

In the bottom photo, I lined up the edges opposite to the ruler, though it does not appear that way because of parallax and with one being a 1/4 inch higher than the other. But you can see the distance difference from the ruler with the ruler edge next to the Glowforge Plus edge, and some distance from the Glowforge Basic version, showing the difference in size.

Well, you’ve definitely got an issue with the double engraving one. :frowning:

I got an issue with the other one too. It won’t work for manufacturing my games anymore. This could kill my business.

I’m so sorry about the trouble. I see you emailed us about this as well. I just replied to that email with some next steps. Since we’re working on it there, I’m going to close this topic.