Bottom of the Enclosure || Fitting on a table/cart

I was wondering if anyone knows what the bottom of the casing looks like. My current table doesn’t have enough length by about two inches so I wanted to see the placement of the feet (if any) to see if they would make contact with my current table or if I would need to buy a new table.

Also anyone seen a rolling cart that has a large enough top shelf to fit the Glowforge on top?

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I’m not in a place to find the dimensions of the feet right now but the feet are narrow flat runners side to side. They are more than 2" shorter than the width of the GF though I can’t remember how much more. Sounds like your table will work.

Actually not sure it’s more than 2" but shouldn’t matter because the feet are flat runners. Here is a pic of one I found in the forum. The black thing is one of the runners that go from left to right on the bottom.



Sweet thanks! So I guess I’ll just have about 1 inch on the front and the back that over lap the table a little bit. Thanks again!

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