Bottom Windows (print head)

Has anyone been able to successfully remove the bottom windows for cleaning? I have some debris in mine and it seems to be affecting the machine’s ability to measure materials.

I do not think they are removable, is there any way you could attach a photo of what you are talking about? and more detail about how it is affecting the machine?

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I’m thinking they aren’t either, but I figured someone here has tried lol

You might want to move your topic over to the problems and support page or create a new one there to open a support ticket with them. The support staff would be the ones to supply you with the information you need. Just looked at my unit and there is no debris in that window.

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Good idea. I did reach out to support, but ya never know how long that might be lol

If you already sent support an email you dont need to make a new topic in the P&S section then, its basically doing the same thing except on the public forum. Having multiple support tickets as well can slow down response time in some situations as well.

So then why did you suggest I move it here?

I did not know you had sent them an email already. Made the assumption that if you were asking in this section you might not have done that.

Moving a post does not generate a new ticket and Support may not see it.

Opening a new post (or emailing) will create a new ticket and insure that someone from Support will see it.


good to know thx

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.