Bought a glowforge and had a problem after payment

Dear Support,
I have placed an order for glowforge and received confirmation email though web page didn’t load. Can you please check my order went through?
Yours sincerely
Simone Ferrara

I’m 99% sure if the email went through you are ok. Email but be patient for a response, last time I heard they had 11,000 emails.

If you go to the, go to “Owners” and login you should see the “Referral” tab. Select that and it should say “You got a Glowforge! Care to share?”

Thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile:

Another assurance is that you were given access to this Owners’ Forum. If your purchase didn’t go through correctly, you most likely would not have been sent the credentials for the forum. :sunglasses:

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