Box full of Scrap Thin Wood from Amazon

I got my “box full of scrap thin wood” today! No idea what any of it is (I’m not a wood expert) but there’s some promising-looking stuff in there. I think it will turn out to be well worth the $16 I spent on it!


Looks like the price went up! The box of thin boards is $22.95 now!


And the picture now shows some pretty warped wood.

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I think you’re seeing shadows. The sun is really bright through that window. I’m not seeing any major warping. :slight_smile:

Seems like it fluctuates based on what they have available.

i think he meant the picture on amazon.


my box was full of random stuff, too. well worth the $15 i spent as well. i think the price bounces all over the place for this, so just keep an eye on it and i bet it goes back down.



I think he’s talking about the current picture in the listing you linked, not yours.

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That’s correct.

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This is PERFECT for many of the things that I like to do with woodworking. THANK YOU for the link!

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You’re welcome! As thanks, could you maybe pop by and tell me what kinds of wood are in mine? :wink:

Given what I can see in the photo above I believe I’m seeing some pieces of Oak (All the way on the right), Walnut (bottom row, second stack from the right as well as most of the back row and all the way on the left), Maple (scattered in the bottom row), and maybe Mahogany (Top row, third stack from the right?), Cherry (Back row, all the way to the left, leaning up against the window frame).

Other light colored woods that you might have pieces of: Ash, Birch, Curly Maple (look for a shimmery “ribbon” looking thing in a mostly white wood), and I think I see one piece of Zebra Wood (14th piece from the left?)

Without looking closer I couldn’t tell you much more. I don’t suppose you live in Maryland?

Nope, I’m about 2800 miles west of MD, in SW WA. :wink: (I have a son in MD, which is why I know off the top of my head how far away it is!)

Your observations will give me a place to start, thanks for taking the time!

Yikes! that’s quite a ways away. Glad to help how I could.

If your son likes similar things to what I’ve seen you like, perhaps he would like the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I’ll be performing there the last weekend in August if interested (Shameless plug :smiley: )

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Cool, I’ll tell him! What kind of performing?

He was the one of my 3 kids I most expected to stay close to home. Then he married an adventurer. Ah, well. :slight_smile:

Oh, Pirate band – just thought to look in your profile. That’s right down their alley!

Yep, Pirate Folk Band, Scales and Crosstones. I’m the one with the Guitar. LOTS of fun. (Check us out on if you want to hear our music for free.)

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Okay, your album names are PRICELESS. :rofl:

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Almost everything is all about Puns! Skull and Crossbones == Scales and Crosstones (Piracy with a Musical “Hook” :wink: ), Trebled Waters, Ships and Giggles (NOT a kid friendly CD, despite its cover), and latest We’ll never be Royals (MANY hidden meanings in that one, but mostly inside info)