Box of holidays

I made the puzzle box for this month’s fun project. I wanted to give it as a gift during this years Christmas Yankee swap at my wife’s family’s Christmas party. We love going every year, but this years trip will be cancelled due to a treatments related to a sudden bout of Ovarian cancer (weak immune system, from treatments, etc.). As I considered this, I realized that a lot of people missed out on various holidays from St. Patrick’s day on through. I had been making magnets (my wife and I call them Maggots) to commemorate every holiday affected by COVID-19, and I thought I would make a gift of the idea. All the refrigerator maggots I made were done with the Glowforge Basic. Can you guess which maggot goes with which holiday? Think of an image before looking at the pictures below. I tried to do one for every month from Feb to December. September and June proved too difficult to render down to a single image, and Nov is not done yet. I am thinking of either a horn of plenty, or a turkey. I am leaning towards horn of plenty, as we have her survival to be thankful for this year. Have an image in your mind for each one? Here is the list:

  1. Feb = (Not shown) heart with ribbon across it (like seen on images of cupid), upon which I can print custom phrases;
  2. Mar = Shamrock with a smiley face and Leprechaun hat… I used my paint pens for the face.
  3. April = Easter Egg outline done in plywood and various colors done in acrylic. I am thinking of a larger size as a sun catcher.
  4. May = Captain America Shield for Memorial day;
  5. June = (need suggestions, wrench for father’s day? );
  6. July = Uncle Sam hat;
  7. August = beachball and sand bucket, this proved more troublesome to print in maggot size than I had hoped… (need more suggestions… maybe just a beach ball);
  8. September = (need suggestions);
  9. October = Pumpkin;
  10. November = (not done yet, either horn of plenty or Turkey… (need input);
  11. December = Santa Clause face;

I need help on June, August, September and November.


Those are adorable! Clever idea! :slightly_smiling_face:
(Hope your wife recovers her immunity enough that you can still get together this year. Or at least have a Zoom party. That’s what we’re planning this year.)


Great idea! It’s fun to have spots of decor for holidays. It’s a must for children … or for the kid in us adults!

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June - an open hand in black/yellow/red/green for Juneteenth, or June is also Pride month so a rainbow would work

September is back to school for a lot of folks - a #2 pencil or a chalkboard?

I like the horn of plenty over the turkey for November

A white/ice covered tree for January?

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June: flag day is June 14.
August: 5th is national underwear day. 7th is international beer day. 16th is national Rum day.
September: labor day is a tough icon. i suggest 9/19 is national talk like a pirate day. great iconography!
November: 11/11 is veterans day. technically, 11/2 is day of the dead? “fall back” day is in November. and of course thanksgiving.


I love puzzle boxes and they are even better if they contain such good memories.

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Nicely done! It’s nice to see that puzzle box in the wild as well.

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September Labor Day — maybe a picnic basket?
June Father’s Day — Kid version the plastic work bench with the outline of tools hanging on it?
November — Turkey with a sign “eat ham”?

I hope your wife gets her immune system built back up. Zoom might be a good idea…we’re seriously thinking about that here…in-laws just had a family reunion in October where 2 people showed up without masks and were “positive”…so glad we refused to attend!

Cute idea about the maggots. LOL What a name.

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