Boxes and a fancy BMO

This is version two…think I have some more in the works, there are so many possibilities with this here amazing machine its daunting!!



Very cute! :grinning:


My wife would lose it! BMO is her favorite!
I have uber-bookmarked this for a suprise gift project for her


Isnt he everyones🤣Was thinking of adding a acrylic face to him as well…

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Are the plastic parts cut from a thicker acrylic and inserted through the wood? (And glued in like an inlay?)

so it 1/8 acrylic, and was just testing things out after i realized it could use some bling and just glued them on with some epoxy, so the next version yes they with be enlayed in the wood and going to change out the face with some clear acrylic. fun fun

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Oh, I see better now. You have some engraving/scoring underneath where your acrylic is placed that is giving it that faux inlayed look.

The acrylic accents are a great addition. Make sure to show us the acrylic face if you add one!

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