Boxes.phy Affinity Designer import fail

As I try to wean myself off Inkscape in favor of Affinity Designer There are a few things I cant seem to adapt to my workflow. When I import the SVG produced from Boxes.phy I get a blank embedded bounding box. I have tried applying fill and line attributes to the selection, but I still end up with an empty object.

I also have a hard time getting around the “embedded document” workflow they use. It would be great if there were a way to flatten the file so the embedded documents weren’t layered. Copying an pasting between and embedded file and the main document always results in a scaling problem for me.

I use the option to save the .PS and import that. worked great for me.

I never could get it to import any .svg

I have noticed several times when importing SVG files into Affinity Designer that the drawing ends up way off the page. Initially, I believed the the imports were just failing, however later I realized if I zoomed way out the drawing was there and I could select it and drag it onto the page.

Opening the svg file in a text editor and changing the viewbox origin to 0,0 (from 0,9180 (or whatever)) resolves the “where” issue most of the time. Last weekend, I beat my head against the wall attempting to make the cut line visible – select all, set stroke width, set stroke color, then… nothing. Ghost lines.

This used to be a seamless workflow until both AD and were updated. :frowning_face:

A wonderful community contribution (hint, hint, 'forgers!) would be a mac Automator script that would allow the user to drop an SVG file in to be scrubbed of known viewport, units, stroke, color, and clip path issues. Sort of a pre-flighting app for AD.