Brace yourself for another possible delay

should we? no response from GF regarding shipping status.



I’m still not worried, but I will say that the banner “tracker” has turned out to have opposite it’s (supposedly) intended effect of allaying concerns on the progress. No updates in 3 weeks is actually not too unbelievable (given the huge first day/week glut of orders), but at this point it’s just reinforcing the perception of no progress. Probably too late to matter, but maybe they should have done tracking by order-hour.
In any case, I’m still optimistic.


perfect forge




so glowforge is censoring negative feedback or allowing others to do so now?

second time they altered my heading.

do others (same person who is changing my headers) have access to our accounts? since they can alter the heading so easily.

do they have access to our names, address and other personal information ?

I believe that forum members who have reached a “Regular” status on the forums can alter header titles and move threads. This is only meant to be used as a means to clarify post topics and help keep the forum somewhat organized. No forum member has access to any of your personal information (other than staff, I suppose). If you think someone is trolling your posts report it, no one is supposed to do that. If you think someone is doing that you might tag @dan

Edit: and @zfam, after more than a year on this forum, I can say unequivocally that negative feedback is never censored, unless it’s given in such a way that attacks other forum members.

Edit (again): I think I changed it back to what your original was, if that’s not right let me know.


Yep. This is a standard feature of the Discourse forum software. It should only be used for organizing threads and clarifying misleading titles, but of course there’s always going to be someone who will find a way to misuse any given feature.

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@zfam, sorry I changed the title, but I when I came upon this topic, it said FYI can someone change this header or something like that. I assumed that it was a humorous post, so I changed it since there was a spelling error. I didn’t mean to offend, or censor or step out of line. Just thought you were having some fun.

In the past two years, I have not seen any censorship. There is a system of flags and those flags get monitored and might have a post get deleted, but they have to be pretty mean and slanderous to a person, and they happen rare enough.

And as far as personal information, if you haven’t put anything in your user badge, the only info available is your forum handle, your avatar, your join date, and whatever badges you accrue. Location, addresses, email addresses, real names are not available unless you or someone else who knows you might put it in a topic.

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No; I checked the logs and @jrnelson changed your topic header. That should only be used for organizing and clarifying topics - please don’t use it again for any other purpose.

The Discourse system we use automatically grants this privilege (along with the ability to organize threads by moving topics between threads) to frequent users of the system. You can learn more about it here.




Great movie!


thank you Dan.

I have received my supplies kit, and have a UPS tracking number for the GF! I am on cloud 9!!!