Braille Font for projects


Fell down a rabbit hole and found these resources, thought they might be of interest to others. Apologies if I’m duplicating.

Visual Braille Font


Saw this similar thing today, mentions braille neue and others:


Yup, that was the rabbit hole :grinning:


Braille Neue looks really cool, but I’d suggest caution in using it. Braille is most effective when used at fixed sizes and distances between characters, and sadly, you’re probably usually best off using a separate Braille label (in which the dots are raised). It’s great to see people considering and addressing the needs of blind users, keep it up!


Understood, braille is tactile. I was thinking with all the talented and caring people who seem to be :glowforge: ing that those resources may be of value.

I can see a few applications in Lucite signs and the two color panels from inventables.