Brand new air assist fan not working

I recently had a small fire on the laser bed (Don’t leave it unattended even if it is just for the last four minutes of the cut) The ribbon under the gantry that moves the head back and forth was pretty frayed and support gave me the option of buying just the ribbon, or the entire lower assembly. I bought the whole thing since the air assist fan was pretty nasty at this point. I got it all assembled this morning and now I cannot get past the air assist fan error message. I’ve cleaned the contacts, I’ve unmounted and remounted the unit from the gantry, I’ve disconnected the ribbon cable and reconnected it. I am at a loss. Any pointers?

Sounds like the fan was damaged as well. Was that not supplied with the “lower assembly”?

Yes, it is a new plate, new fan and new belt.

I am beginning to wonder if they sent me a bad unit.

I would be much more suspicious of fire damage not accounted for. The ribbon cable contacts or wires going to the ribbon under the gantry. That whole arrangement would be pretty iffy in a fire situation. Usually the connection to the head unit is the weakest point but in your case the other end would be my focus.

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I needed to get some projects finished last night and decided to try the new belt with the old lower assembly and I was back up and running like a champ. So, I am thinking that it is a bad fan on the new unit.

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Easy enough to switch and test :thinking:

Hi @prevntfyr! It looks like we’re currently helping you in an email so I’ll be closing out this thread.