Brand new and can’t use

Just received my Glowforge Pro yesterday. Needless to say, I can’t use it. Followed directions for set up to a “T”. When it goes through its alignment it wont straighten out. It comes off the right side rail. I have checked and no interference what so ever. I hope I do not have to send this back, if I do I will be requesting a refund. After paying “A LOT” of money and not being able to use it from day one!

I sent email yesterday to Glowforge but no response.

Check your spam folder. You should have received an auto response within minutes.
Nevertheless, this also opened a support ticket by posting here. Hang in there it is the weekend.
With the machine “turned off”, you can gently push the gantry to the back until it is square. Try that and if it looks like it is back in place turn it back on and see if it behaves correctly.


I have done that multiple times and still the same thing.
I thank you for your redponse!

you probably have looked already but there are two rollers. one on top that rides on a grove and a lower one. check to see if they roll freely. one side or the other of those rollers may be stuck.
just a thought

With the machine off, pull the carriage arm all the way to the front and return to the back. If there is no resistance, slide the printhead all the way to the right and then to the left. Again, you are checking for any resistance. If everything moves properly, follow these instructions:


They all roll freely. I have checked everything and all is good. I am getting no errors. I thank you for your response!

Here is a second thread to read and follow: Laser coming off track!


I have tried everything. Seems like the left motor can’t keep up with the right one. I thought I would try and print and no luck. I hope they send me a new one.

20210911_183434_01.mp4 (5.45 MB)

20210911_183434_02.mp4 (3.16 MB)

if they can’t help you get this one running, they’ll take care of you.


Ok, I have fixed it and all is well. The plastic track that is on the left side that holds the electrical ribbon was rubbing against the rail. I just pushed it back a little and presto! Must have moved during shipping.

I’m on my way and this thing prints amazing!


@gaknittig I am so sorry your new Glowforge printer Laser Arm is not staying on the right rail. I am so glad to see that you were able to resolve the issue. I saw that you sent us emails regarding this issue. I am going to go ahead and close this forum post and the email tickets.