Brand new Aura out of the box, printing random, not aligned PLEASE help!

So frustrated. I was so excited to get the aura and immediatly opened the box and set it up. I went to print one of the suggested designs and it printed each section in a different place as well as completely off center and tilted. I was on the phone with support for 2 hrs and still have not figured out whats wrong. We printed this same design all over the sheet and its like the lazer just prints on the wood randomilu. The agent had looked at the machine photos, and we have cleaned the rails as suggested. I’m so deflated right now as all the excitement i had for using this machine is gone. Had anyone else experienced this and found a solution?

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Not a solution, but probably just had the absolutely bejinkies kicked out of it during transit. UPS/FedEx are not kind to any packages in general.


My new word of the day: Bejinkies.


I’m sorry I don’t have a solution for you either…but, please don’t give up. I’m sure Glowforge will make it good for you. As a friend of mine always says when things don’t go right…it’s merely pleasure deferred. Welcome to the community and we hope to see you here again making fun stuff with your new Aura.


update, I have now spent another couple hours today with support, and they have not been able to figure it out. I’m hoping they will find something or replace the machine, as this machine is completely unusable. I did some more small basic printing on proofgrade materials, and it’s still not aligned and printing off. — a side note about package: when I received the glowforge, it was in it’s box but not in a outside box for extra protection and it’s box also did not say fragile anywhere on it.


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