Brand New & camera lens not working

I wrote on here with problems with my Glowforge right out of the box. They sent me a new printer head (thinking that was the issue)…Setting it up now and I get this error!
I am thinking the camera lens is scratched or either something is behind it

Im really fed up with paying this much for something, and still not being able to make my first print

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 9.16.06 PM|690x163

What is the machine resting on?

Husky work table

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Looks pretty sturdy, was worried that it might have been weak and allowing the machines frame to twist a bit which i think might also cause the setup process to fail.

What error are you getting? Is the machine connected to your WiFi? Do you get an image of the bed?
From what I can see in the pictures, the camera lens looks perfect.

“not completed, printer interrupted, try again” Machines wifi - “excellent”
I didn’t get an image of the bed yet as I was at the beginning of trying to replace the printer head from the first time and haven’t gotten past this point of trying to center this position

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I was thinking these two lines were scratch marks? It’s definitely on the surface or right behind it

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To me, the two lines look like the reflection of your ceiling lights in the lens. Do you have a fluorescent or LED fixture on the ceiling? (If that’s what it is, it shouldn’t be affecting the camera lens.)

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Yeah that’s what it looks like but we don’t have those lights. And the mark doesn’t move with different perspectives

Hi @cdchanningdixon. I got your response in the opened email thread, and have one of our Senior Technical Engineers reviewing it. To avoid any miscommunication or confusion, I’ll go ahead and close this thread. I apologize for the delay and rest assured, we are reviewing this and will get back you through your email ticket soon. Thank you.