Brand new faulty laser?

Brand new plus goes through all the motions but no laser cutting cleaned everything checked ribbon connection any help much appreciated will not cut any of the proof grade material. Been at it for 3 hours now .

Welcome, Tracy.

Is it marking the material at all? If not, have you checked the power setting? I’ve seen, in the past, were this was described and the issue was the power setting was all the way down.

Have you done the “Gift of Good Measure” project? It’s the first thing you’re asked to print after unboxing a new Glowforge, and when used with Proofgrade material and Proofgrade settings, the purpose of this project is to verify that your Glowforge arrived undamaged and working properly by exercising all of its basic functions.

If you’ve done that and nothing printed, then your machine was damaged on its way to you. Send an email to to get your warranty claim for a replacement started. Note the date and time you printed the “gift of good measure”, and attach a photo of the result (even if it’s just an uncut piece of PG material).


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