Brand New Glowforge Basic

I have a brand new, never unboxed Glowforge Basic. Its in the PDX area and will make a great deal to for a local buyer.

I presume you want to sell it. A price and your location would be a big help.


PDX is the FAA designation for the Portland Airport.

And, this particular Portland is in Oregon (not Maine)

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Im looking at 1500. We are in West Linn Oregon.

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When was it purchased?

Knowing warranty status is going to be a factor.

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I finally received it about 2 yrs ago. There is no warranty left on it per Glowforge

A two year old never unboxed Glowforge Basic? It must be so sad… never being able to fulfill its purpose to create beautiful and amazing creations… :cold_sweat:


I have a fully functioning extra gf basic that my wife wonders why I don’t sell. $1,500 isn’t worth not having it. No box though. Probably only worth $1,000 then.

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