Brand New Glowforge - Laser Not working

We finished setting up our glowforge yesterday by following the instructions provided and we setup for the first marking and cut on Proofgrade material and using the “Good Measure” design. We have received some information by email to check the mirror and it is fine. We have also noticed that there seems to be arching on the right side of the tube under the covering. I personally do not even think the laser is leaving the tube and going to the head.

By posting here you have opened a support ticket. Was there something specific you were looking to get advice about from us on the forum?

I would like to know if anyone has had this problem before or have advice.

Marcus Ritter

Also should there be arching in the tube on the right side? I have yet to see a proper operation.

Hi @marcus.a.ritter. I’m sorry to hear that you’re still receiving issues with the laser not working on your Glowforge. I saw you had also opened an email ticket, which I just sent a response to help get this resolved. To avoid any potential confusion, or miscommunication, I am going to close this thread so the discussion can continue through your opened email ticket. Thank you!