Brand new Glowforge - Laser won't fire

Hello! After waiting I finally got my new toy. I followed all the instructions for set up and it went really smooth. I went to print the “Good measure” project on the proof grade material - and everything works great EXCEPT the laser. it won’t fire. I have tried so far:

cleaning all the lenses
checked the mirror
check crumb tray is flat and locked in
checked the setting to ensure its not set to a lower power
everything is plugged in
checked the connections
checked the pins and all are fine

Im at a loss and don’t want to have to ship it back after just getting it…Hoping Im missing something simple!


I have an email going on this with Support - so please close this topic. I still haven’t gotten a reply to the email, however.

Hi there. I just responded to your email for next steps to help resolve the laser trouble. To avoid any confusion, I’m going to close out this thread and will look forward to your email response. Thank you!