Brand new Glowforge- Super Blurry image?


I just got my glowforge setup (yay!) but the camera is extremely blurry. Is there a way to easily fix this? I assume it’s not supposed to look like this. I tried to click focus (and set it to the QR code) and it still looks this blurry. It also says the PG material is not being recognized :frowning:


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Pretty normal looking. It uses a fixed focus lens and does some tricky dewarping to get a pic.

Try using the Set Focus under the gear icon. Drop the crosshairs somewhere in the middle and that helps because then it knows how far away the material is and can make adjustments to the image processing.

Sometimes it doesn’t read the PG code in the bottom right corner. Just spin the board around so it’s in the upper left and try again. The code does not need to be right side up.

Also, run the new calibration routine to set up the machine for your table. It will map the bed and adjust its dewarping routines accordingly.


It recognized the material! Thanks! I didn’t realize it could read the QR code (which would make sense considering all the other things it can do!)

If you say that is pretty normal looking, I will take your word for it :smiley:

Setting the new calibration routine now!

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Yeah, it’s just the way it works. Almost everyone wants it to look phone camera sharp & it’s not. It’s a pretty common topic of discussion here :slightly_smiling_face: