Brand new machine not cutting on the right

Ordered a new plus a few weeks ago. that machine wouldn’t cut through anything at all called GF they sent a replacement. Replacement came today cut the gift of good measure on the right perfect. Went to cut a different file and noticed it’s not cutting on the right. cut gift of good measure on the right WON’T CUT THROUGH!!! HELP PLEASE

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How very frustrating!
First thing to do is make sure the window inside the machine on the left is clean. Make sure the printhead window on the left is clean (it is really easy to get a fingerprint here). Make sure the material you are cutting is held down flat, and on Proofgrade materials with Proofgrade settings try the Gift of Good Measure in the problematic area. If it doesn’t print perfectly post photos (front and back) along with the date and time of the print so Glowforge support can quickly access your machine logs for that print.

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beyond ! thanks… I am taking photos now that I saw them ask for in other forms and also printing GOGM both on right and left. I Will reply here in a few again





On the side of the print head, is this a reflection, or is there some discoloration starting on the bottom of this window?

Oh no, I’m sorry for the continued trouble.

I see you’re working with my colleague Ara via email.

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