Brand new not functioning

Received my new pro and was able to connect twice. The first cut worked on left side but on right side it did not cut through. Second cut did not go through at all. After that I have been unable to connect. Email support was kind, but when I mentioned connection problems, all communication stopped. Now I have an extremely expensive non-working machine and no support. Hoping to find help here.

For whatever reason, the Glowforge is very sensitive to the Wifi. Everything else can be working fine and it can still be a problem for the Glowforge. My knowledge of the needs stops there, but if you search the Support area you can find a large selection of things to try.

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Posting here in P&S opens another support ticket. They’ll be along soon, and will close this thread to eliminate the duplicate, and continue via your original email thread.

In the meantime, by “connection problems” do you mean your Glowforge is offline? If so, here are the troubleshooting steps for that:


Hello @Storm, I see you’ve already emailed us about this and we’ve responded to you there. To avoid duplication, I’m going to close this topic.

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