Brand new printer glass lid not seating

Is it common for the glass lid not to shut square? Rubs against the left side and doesn’t close on the right by about a 1/4". Submitted a support request and waiting for them to get back in next week. Doesn’t look like there is anything I can do to straighten the hinges. Assume this is a return and get back a refurbished machine?

Welcome to the community. No…absolutely not a reason to return it. Many of us have had the same thing happen and it’s easy to fix…just put a piece of folded paper (I use an index card) underneath one of the corners of the machine. Mine happens to be on the front left corner. Move it around until your lid closes smoothly again. The case of the Glowforge has some flex to it…so this remedy will work just fine.

BTW…I’ve had my GF for over five years and the index card has been there for most of that time.


Sounds like the surface you have it on isn’t flat, the case has a bit of flex.

Try shimming up the corners one at a time with a few sheets of paper.


Ha ha…great minds, they say.


You folks are amazing. Thanks so much for helping a newbie out. After reading so much on the glue issues on the original, I had myself convinced it had issues.


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