Brand new unit does not work correctly

How ya’ll doing,

We received our GF Pro just yesterday and completed the set up as instructed. The initial print made during set up, the measuring tool, came out as expected. However, just to be on the safe side I decided to complete a proper alignment. This is where things went wrong, and I mean way wrong.

My gf makes some pretty serious grinding noises when the arm retracts backwards. However, the machine started the alignment print, and immediately I realized something was wrong. The GF scored “G” in all kind of messed up ways on the left, but correctly on the right.

Thinking this may be part of the alignment process I let the GF continue. When the arm got the the front it hit the front face and pushed itself off the track. glad I stayed with the GF to immediately shut it off.

The grinding at this point became far more pronounced, but stopped when I shut off the GF and restarted it.

I am a little frustrated because I cannot seem to find a solution about this happening.

I started to alignment once more, and noticed that the arm was moving off balance. The right side seemed to move freely, while the left seemed to move far slower. I stopped the alignment when I noticed that the prints started off horrible again. I did not want the arm to force itself off track again.

I would greatly appreciate help with this problem,

The attached picture is from the initial print that had the major malfunction pushing itself off tracks. Ya’ll can see the “G” printing decent on right, and on the left anything but.

Check the tracks to be sure there is no debris on it. And, check to be sure the wheels on that side are not cracked…

Turn the machine off and back on. Be sure that you don’t move the printhead when the machine is turned on. Make sure that the honeycomb tray is inserted properly. People have been known to put it in backwards. As previously suggested, inspect the carriage plate wheels, the pulley wheels and the belts.

As suggested,

The crumb tray was correctly inserted, made sure it was “locked” into place and inserted the correct way.

Checked the wheels and belts. All seem to move freely, no dirt anywhere that could stop it.

The grinding noise also does not start unless the machine moves the arm by itself.

Also, once the machine is turned on, I did not touch the arm, or laser head in any way.

This is a video of the GF moving the right arm long before the left side.

I removed the Crumb tray so it can be more easily viewed. Again, I checked the moving parts while the GF is off, and everything seems to move freely. It is not until it is turned on that this malfunction takes place. And by the sound of the grind, I don’t it is too good.

My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

It looks like we are already on our way to getting this solved in an email ticket! I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post now. If you have any other questions or need help with anything else feel free to send a message our way by either creating an email ticket or a new forum post!