Bread / Keys Basket. 5th Project

Hi. I always wanted to create a keys or bread basket. I thought about making it with FELT so i ordered one sheet 5mm through ebay.

Here is the final design after some minor test.

I used the following settings for cutting
Speed: 250
Power:77 - 80

Does Anybody know where i can find 5mm felt at a reasonable price? … all your suggestions and comments are very appreciated


Cool! I like how you did the corners. And I guess that part that looks like stitching is actually a dashed cut line to make folding easier, is that right?

Regarding sources, I don’t know. You used to be able to get some fairly thick wool felt at the local Michaels store but I don’t know if they still have it.

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You are right. The objective of the dashed cut is to make the folding easier.

Thanks a lot for the comments and for the advice about the felt.

Oh that turned out very nicely! :grinning:

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Love it - I really like thick felt as a material. It’s just got a great modern feel about it and it feels great in the hand too. Nice job.

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I don’t know much about “reasonable price,” but Etsy has quite a few nice looking felts.

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