Breaking up with your first GF

The refurbished replacement for my first GF arrived today… I am now given just two weeks to just pack up all of my first GF’s belongs and send it away as is this past year meant nothing to us. Part of me regrets ever asking glowforge about is logs because I realize now that I am willing to accept it for any and all of its flaw. I am terrified that if I send it back then I will always regret “the one that got away”.

Now about its replacement…how am I am supposed to make some connection with a GF literally sent to me with the intent to become my new GF??? How do I even come up with a name for the new one other then simply “replacement GF”. I can’t trust it as much as my OG GF because to me, it will never feel the same. I know how this ends! I have seen Stepford Wives!

I am debating asking glowforge to let me just pay to keep this first GF. If I do that then how in the world will I hide three GF’s from my husband??? He is already asking questions on why the glowforge app has a printer named “not a glowforge”. I doubt he would fall for there suddenly being a “really not another glowforge” added to the list. I think he is onto this love triangle that has now become a rectangle.

Any advice on how to depart would be greatly appreciated,
Sincerely, hopeless


I know how you feel, but with time you will love and trust again. Pack and send it quickly - it hurts less.


so cold! But I know what you mean. Time to search for a sudden excuse to procrastinate.

But in all seriousness, anyone ever had luck in getting glowforge to let them buy the broken one at a discount? I had serious plans to turn it into a terrarium coffee table…


Your dogs aren’t the only ones that think you’re crazy… :rofl:

It’s a tool. Tools break. You replace them.

They’re not family. Or pets.

Are you emotionally attached to your can-opener?


If all your glowforge has created for you is equivalent to a can opener, then you might not be using your can opener or your glowforge correctly. …

This topic is my elaborate way of asking what the actual costs are for just keeping your broken GF and if anyone has done it.


I love reading your posts. They are so funny!

I think you’d have to email support and ask them if it’s a possibility. I feel like part of the refurb exchange is taking your old one and making it a sellable unit again. But you never know until you ask support. They could end up charging you for the new machine you got because there isn’t an exchange happening.

I’m actually curious if I can buy a refurb machine as an extra. But since I haven’t decided to commit to asking yet (I feel like I need to be prepared to commit to buy before I ask), I don’t know the answer to that one either.


From testing one of the Pre-Release units, yes, it’s very hard to say goodbye. You’ll always remember the thrill of that first cut popping out of the machine. The breathless anticipation. The total terror.

I still remember “The Forgerie” fondly. But “Sassy1” has earned her place since, so be glad, and let your first one go back home to get fixed up and put back to work. They need to work to be happy. You never know, it may go to a school to inspire the next generation of makers. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yup. Wishing Hephaestus luck on his journey was hard, but I was lucky that Erich came into my life early enough that his father was still mostly a wish-come-true in the corner and not “real” to me yet.

Depending on what was broken on the OG they are likely to be able to repair it so the cost may be too high to consider, but that would make a kickin’ terrarium/coffee table!


OMG… you have me future trippin’ now. What would I do if Glinda ever left me? :worried:
I agree with the ‘rip the band-aid off quickly’ method and add two words: ice cream.
Create on Sister :sunflower:


I tend to be more fun with my posts :slight_smile:

I might ask them about it. Its an issue with its power but its not too bad. It was under warranty so they replaced it. The original is still usable but not fully reliable. I really was interested in buying it “as is” and donate it to a youth STEM group my community is trying to start up. I figure it would be better then nothing for them.


Lol I love the name! And I love how your mind works…ice cream is always a great solution :slight_smile:

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I have wanted to make them into a terrarium coffee table!!! I think it would look so cool.

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Such a good point. It will be able to go on and do great things :slight_smile:


I was easy to say goodbye to mine last week as it was not longer talking to me or to the glowforge app. He would just sit there with the orange light of death shining in defeat.

I never realized how dirty “toadkiller” had become until I opened up “soul catcher” and was almost blinded by the bright shine of newness. The new one also runs quieter in terms of the mechanical motion noises.

So, it was not hard at all to pack up the remains of my former best buddy and open my heart to a new friend.


Use a Jedi mind trick, “this is not the glowforge you think it is.”


I was gonna say that but thought I better not. :rofl::joy:thanks for doing it for me.


Lol I should probably explain the story behind the name.

I have been a hobby sewist for a long time and like most sewists, I joined in the effort to sew masks for those in need at the start of the pandemic. In total I made more then a thousand. But the mind is not meant to do such a doing a simple task over and over again at the number of times I was pushed to and I wasn’t really taking many breaks. So when friends would ask how I was holding up I would always respond that I think my dogs think I am going crazy, and so that’s where the name started. Once the mask supply chain balanced out I put up my sewing (I am actually just now getting back into it) and got a glowforge. A lot of pent up creativity was released on my glowforge and in a way the glowforge helped me regain my sanity. Which is why I am attached to my specific unit a bit :slight_smile:

I have no idea how medical workers and so many others maintained sanity at that time as well :slight_smile: But I know I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Thanks for the post - it’s been a while since I laughed this much reading down the post and the replies. Oh - and if this is the only reason your dogs think you’re crazy, you’re lucky!


This post was what I needed this morning. :joy: :rofl:


I had the same issue, except I sewed masks until my elastic supply ran out (15 years of hoarding fabric and elastic and I ran out in a week), so I got lucky with just a few hundred.

The local group I was volunteering to help started getting quite demanding, they wanted stacks of 50 to 100 per person before pick-up.

When I dropped off the first stack of 200, it was like my paltry contribution wasn’t good enough. But I was already a full-time homeschooling mother, so nothing changed in my regular daytime schedule compared to the ladies who were suddenly at home with nothing to do.

I was also teaching free zoom sewing classes at night to ladies who bought their machines just to join the mask-making craze.

My few hundred were sewn in a week (a lot of talking to my cat to keep me awake at night), then i ran out of materials and the stores were empty of stock, so I crashed, put away my machines, and have sadly been avoiding all sewing projects since then.

But I switched to something a million times easier. I donated ear savers :laughing: