Brief weirdness yesterday

Yesterday evening I was engraving a tile, and wanted to blast it to the max to see what would happen, so I set the power to full and the speed to 100. The GFUI informed me it would take 20-something minutes to engrave the tile, and I started the print job.

The head moved to a position about 1/4" below the artwork (toward the front of the bed), then began moving soooooo sloooooowly I could just barely discern any movement at all. I decided to let it go and just see what happened.

I don’t have the exact length of time, but definitely more than 20 minutes later, all it had done was burn away the cardboard jig in that 1/4" area below the cut.

I canceled the job at 7:02 pm Central time (May 28), bumped the speed to 350, and the next job went as expected. I’m just super curious as to what might have happened with the super-slow-off-target one, and whether I need to be worried that my machine is suffering from early dementia or something!


Does it smell like peanut butter? if you can’t detect that aroma then possibly…


Too soon.


I’m sorry about the trouble when running this print. I was able to locate the logs for the print which was cancelled as well as the one which was run shortly after. When I compared the two, it looks like the first print had a square border around the design which was being engraved, but it wasn’t present in the second print. Was there a portion of your design which you deleted or set to “ignore” before the 2nd print ran?

The square border was set to “ignore” both times. I only used it to create the jig.

Thank you for that additional information. I went back to the logs and confirmed that the square around the edge ran as an engrave during the first print. Has the same behavior occurred since then? If so, will you please let me know the time and date? I’ll take a look at the logs from any prints which exhibited the same behavior and compare them to look into this further.

No, the of the prints I did after that worked just fine. :woman_shrugging:

Thank you for updating us! I appreciate you pointing out this particular “weirdness”. We made a note on your account, just in case you start to see the same behavior.

I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to open another if you run into any snags :slight_smile:

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