Brightspeed ISP & crowded network

The last project screen will not clear bringing up the new material screen.

I use Brightspeed ISP formally CenturyLink.
My GF WiFi went offline. I have tried everything suggested by to get back on line.
I have ran setup numerous times, everything locks up in Glowforge WiFi Setup at Connect your Glowforge to Wi-Fi.

One of the things happening is a reworking of the two standards of 2.5 and 5 ghz that were separate into a single signal. I am not up on all the tech details but only had the same issue and the Glowforge quit working. I gather this move is industry wide.

I had to have the provider make a house call to fix it changing out their equipment. Only what was on the 2.5 ghz was affected, as the rest did not have an issue.


I had this problem when I first started to use my GF. Had to change ISP from mediacom to Brightspeed. I was told that there was too much interference. Everything was fine for a while then the GF went off line have not able to get back online.

Talked to bright speed they said I was at 2.4 GHz, (what GF says I should use).


Yes you need both. Most stuff uses the higher speed apparently. As noted not my major knowledge area.

More of a push to 5 than 2.4 but that’s probably because of the higher bandwidth & the proliferation of streaming needs. 2.4ghz is better at penetrating walls but affordable mesh networks are helping 5ghz conquer that problem. 2.4ghz has a fair amount of non-network oriented interference (like microwave ovens). But for many people 2.4ghz is not only enough, but sometimes a better choice.


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