BRIO e-stove for my daugther

Some time ago, I started a project with the goal to convert my daughter’s BRIO toy stove to a awesome electronic version. Here is the original for reference:

I could have gone over to IKEA and bought their toy kitchen, but my daughter had already gotten the BRIO one when she turned two. Besides, how many plates does IKEA’s kitchen have? Two - that’s one less than three, and it’s only on/off! Not to mention that there is no lights for the oven at all. Pff.

My, well, my daughter’s, stove will keep the original 3-plate layout of the BRIO stove and have a “heating element” for the oven, each individually controlled with 6-pos switches and use pwm for intensity.
I intend to build the heating elements much like your regular acrylic LED-lit signs, but do them in multiple layers so that I can add some window tinting film to make the plates black when turned off.

Where am I at now? Well, I’ve got the electronics made and I’ve made a cad model of the stove. The project did however come to a halt when I asked a guy what it would cost to have the acrylics cut and engraved. Cheebus…
So now I’m waiting for my GF to come along and help me do some cutting. My daughters is still perhaps a bit too young to understand how cool it will be anyways, but maybe I can have it don by the time she turns 3 at the start of the year.

A pic of the cad model:


Very cool idea. Way to be a great dad and build something really nice for your daughter. These are the things our childhood memories are made of as we think back on how life used to be :slight_smile:

Never stop dreaming and making


Awesome first project idea! :smile:


That’s hot! (that was literally my first thought, and pun not intended at first, but it was too good to not still use)


I’m sure you could get some volunteers on here to cut that out for you now at no charge. Other than the price of the acrylic.

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Someone on Reddit made a light up toy kitchen that turned out awesome. I’ll see if I can find it - might have some helpful ideas for you.

Edit: Here it is!. If you click the title, it will take you to the imgur gallery with all the photos of his progress.

My toy kitchen was one of my favorite toys as a kid, and I probably would still be playing with it is the burners lit up.

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Really cool project! Your daughter will love it!

I bought the IKEA play kitchen for my grandson when he was 3. He just turned 4 and he still plays with it every time he comes to visit. By far it has gotten way more play time than all the other toys combined. Felt pancakes from Etsy and vintage fisher price foods provide hours of imaginative play. We make “chicken soup” with playdoh. Fun times. :grin:


I bet the shipping to Sweden would add its own to the freeness of the deal… and besides, look at the time! It’s almost december o’clock!

Time to prep those cut files.