British irony?

Chatham Ski and Snowboard Centre in Gillingham, Kent, has been forced to close because of the heavy snow

Thought you might like this snippet from this morning’s news page on the BBC web site.


Last ski season (Dec '16) they cancelled a high school cross-country ski race for snow in Minnesota.


Irony indeed.

I was in London once and had my flight delayed for a day because Heathrow sent the “gritters” home because of the snow storm (a few inches, nothing awful). Someone has a wicked good union :slight_smile:

The Snowbowl ski resort in Arizona was closed down last week because of a snowstorm. In that case I believe it was really the high winds that made it dangerous.

You have to remember that they err on the side of caution.

In a place with heavy winters, snow is treated with less respect than somewhere that only snows during blue moons. Low snow areas freak out rather fast.
I have been told to leave work because of a few inches of snow, and have worked elsewhere and had to shovel a foot or two off the drive, just to get to the road to get to work.

Still funny though.