Broccoli Engrave = Perfect Joke

My brother-in-law is in town and the whole family is giving him a hard time about the mustache and goatee he’s grown recently. The phrase “shave that sh*t” has been the joke that’s taken off after his 75 year old Mom said it to him at dinner a few nights ago.

Last night was our turn to host dinner so we made a special surprise for him.

Used full power and 1000 speed after a test run at lower settings on another stalk. This stalk was about 0.62” thick. The pictures don’t show it as well as I’d like but it was a pretty crisp/deep engrave.

The family LOVED it!


Bwahahaha! Harsh. Funny. But harsh.


You probably should use the blur feature in Discourse. That is what most people do for this type of thing.

I just blurred them. Thank you!

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So that works obviously. For something of this strength I was thinking about blurring the whole photo using:

Although, on second thought your plan may be better because there is a lot of photo and you really want to see the broccoli. And what is being served with the mussels?

For stronger things, a permanent censoring is correct.

I had no idea that was even possible. Very good to know! I don’t usually use strong language online to begin with so I hope to never need it.

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That’s hilarious. Who would ever expect to see a message appear on a spear of broccoli??? I love it, and am storing the idea away for future funa and games.



A project after my own heart there… I basically bought my GF so I could have fun with friends, family, and co-workers. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I use it for useful stuff too.

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Very cool joke! Feel kinda sorry for the guy but hopefully he has a good sense of humor.

He loved it! And he wants everything engraved now!