Broken Belt Wheel Part

This piece just fell off mid-print and I am not sure what could have caused this to break. This is on my newer, 2nd machine and I had no such issues prior with my first machine so I don’t know what happened here? It is broken in two different spots. How can I get a replacement sent out asap?

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Posting here opens a support ticket and Support will be able to send replacement pulley wheels. There are, I believe, people selling similar items on Etsy or other places that are 3D printed.


Yeah I found I get responses here quicker than just emailing support so I always want to open a ticket here :slight_smile: I saw that some are selling some 3d printed ones in another post on here but I feel like I am skeptical about adding non GF items to my machine for fear of warranty issues.

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You’re going to end up having to take this to email anyway since it’ll involve personal information, so to get you a replacement part ASAP, I’d send that email now.

Make sure you include:

  • What part you need (which belt’s tensioner does this piece come from?)
  • The photo of the damaged part and where it came from
  • Your desired shipping address for the replacement part
  • Your phone number (needed to purchase the shipping label if it’s sent by FedEx)
  • Whether you want to pay for overnight shipping at your expense (versus free ground shipping)

Generally they will move this to email and close this thread. Sending an email at this point will just duplicate the request and they will have two support tickets/requests for the same part.

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I will do all of this right now thank you!

That’s not all that will happen, because the requests are not duplicates: this one does not have all the information needed to move the request forward (and the necessary information shouldn’t be shared in a forum), while the email would have all that information.

If @shuannaholt does nothing, then this thread gets closed, GF sends an email requesting the information needed to identify the issue and order the replacement part, @shuannaholt replies, @shuannaholt waits up to several business days for their response to get back to the top of the support queue, and only then will someone start the work of getting the replacement part ordered.

If @shuannaholt proactively emails all the information needed to identify the issue and get the part ordered, then as soon as his/her email is reviewed, the part can be ordered with no additional exchange of emails and no additional wait.

This does create a second ticket to merge, but it also gets @shuannaholt his/her part up to a week earlier.

Hi @shuannaholt. I appreciate you following up on this with your email, and I just placed the order to get you a new pulley sent out. I sent a response to your email thread, but wanted to inform you on here, and will close this thread now. Thank you!