Broken black clip thing on the print head/air assist carriage plate ribbon

There is a clip on top of the connector, that locks into a square hole on the carriage plate. I broke the clip so that the cable doesn’t stay in when the machine is running. I don’t see where to order another one to replace it.And what is the thing called?


That is not a user-replaceable part, the machine will need to be replaced.


Well, that’s awesome. $3k paperweight. I was looking forward to upgrading soon anyway. ugh.

Got a picture of the part? I mean if it’s just a clip that holds something in place, can’t duct tape do a pretty good job of it until you figure it out?


Needing to repair/replace something doesn’t make the machine a paperweight. That’d be like throwing out a car because you got a flat tire. You can either fix it yourself (glue? tape?) or email customer support and they’ll give you a price to fix/replace the machine, which won’t be $3000.


I’ve already tried glue, tape, sticky poster stuff. Ran it through trouble shooting on Facebook groups who gave the same suggestions, glue/tape etc I’d rather just replace the cable myself rather than fool with sending it back then waiting on it to make it’s round trip. Replacing the cable doesn’t look like rocket science. I’m also looking at its age, 3 years old. It has already caught fire once. I managed to get it working on my own. It’s out of warranty. It’s slow. Wifi dependent, It’s time to upgrade. To bigger/ faster and not internet dependent. I’ve been quite happy with it, relatively problem free. I just feel like it’s entering used car territory. Nickel and diming you to death until you’ve spent enough in repairs that you could’ve bought a new/better one, you know?

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